Snark/Edgy Sublimation Prints

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Our prints come standard on 8.5x11" paper. The actual size of the print will vary depending on the design itself. We will print portrait/landscape depending on which gives you the largest print.

Requirements for sublimation prints include:

  • heat press that goes up to 400 degrees
  • a shirt, bag, flag, or other item that is at minimum 50% polyester AND light in color to apply the print to. The higher the polyester count, the more vibrant the print will turn out once sublimated. Our 100% polyester shirts produce the perfect sublimated shirts! You can find those here.
  • butcher, parchment, or printer paper to place between layers of item being sublimated as well as on top of the print to avoid ink from transferring to unwanted places. (Not all shirts will require paper in between layers, but most will!) You can find butcher paper here.

Heat tape is not required but does make sublimation much easier for many items! No worrying about the print moving if it's taped down! You can find that here.

Shop all sublimation items here.

Application Instructions

  1. Use a lint roller or other sticky item to remove any loose strings, thread, etc from the item you will be applying to.
  2. Prepress the item to remove any wrinkles and moisture.
  3. Place butcher, parchment, or printer paper in between layers of the item to avoid the print from transferring through to the back.
  4. Place sublimation print onto desired area. (Not required, but using heat tape to tape corners in place will ensure the print does not move)
  5. Place another sheet of butcher, parchment, or printer paper on top of sublimation print to avoid ink from transferring to top of heat press. Do NOT use Teflon.
  6. Press at 400 degrees for 45-60 seconds.
  7. Remove from press and pull paper off item. Design will be fully transferred onto the item.

While many times after pressing your print may look like ink is still left on the transfer, it is not recommended to use the transfers more than once. Doing so will result in a very faded look for any additional uses.

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