Attention OUR Karma girl is sick- Let's raise some money and some spirits!

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It seems as though our Karma girl has had a rough year- first, as you all know she tore her ACL and needed surgery or a custom formed brace for her leg about four months ago; This was very tragic for us to see her lifestyle change as Karma is very much a puppy to us and loves to chase ball etc. With the help of each one of you we raised enough money to get Karma her brace and it has helped her SO MUCH! If she's around the house without her brace on she doesn't even limp anymore... THIS IS AMAZING! There's no amount of "thank yous" to show you guys how much we appreciated the support and positive vibes for her. Karma is just like an employee at KB's as she comes to work everyday with us and all of the children (and most all adults) LOVE her SO MUCH!


It's with an extremely heavy heart we are here to tell you about more news our girl was hit with last Thursday (6/20/19) Karma has been diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer- this cancer attacks the lymph nodes, in Karma's case both under her jaw and her leg joints. Without treatment in most cases dogs succumb to the disease in 4-6 weeks. Karma, as of now, acts no different and is very much up to fighting this so we have decided as a family we are going to do what it takes to help her live longer. We have been given two options for chemo treatment, one at the least is $1,300 and the other at the least is $5,000- given Karma's age and the expense we have opted for choice A and are fully covering this for our fur baby- To help possibly give her more treatment, better xrays, a tennis ball a day to chew away at, rides to the beach with the windows down, etc etc we are selling tshirts and decals that inspire us about Karma- the precious doggo we have all grown to love and the karma energy that surrounds us daily. Please take a look at the options below and see if you're interested in any items ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO KARMA'S REMAINING LIFESTYLE and WE WILL update and post pictures etc about her journey. Karma starts chemo Tuesday 6/25/19 and from there we will go every 3/4 weeks depending on her cell count. As long as Karma's able and her spirit allows she will still be coming in to the shop daily (except treatment days) so PLEASE IF NOTHING ELSE just come in and love on our girl. Karma has turned KB's into a fun environment to be in, her smile is contagious and shes about as tough as they come- YOU have changed her with the love the community shows her and just by letting her follow you around the store while you shop LOL.


If you see nothing of interest we thank you for your time and ask for your positive vibes! If you see something youd like but maybe a different color please don't hesitate to email us for custom requests,

  • We are raffling off a BRAND NEW MINT cameo 3 for $1.00 a ticket- Drawing will be held July 18th- your name will be taken from your order along with your phone number for ticket information 
  • Decals will b 3.5x5'' black only, no gray background
  • Shirts are $15 no matter the size, some will be bella canvas sublimated. Unisex shirts 




Thank you to each of you. May Karma be with you!
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