Clothing: 100% Polyester T-shirts (White + Grey 2T-3X)

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These shirts are 100% polyester but feel like cotton! Sublimates beautifully.
Also has great moisture management and odor control.
Due to shirt shortages that are still happening, please read and make note of the following: (it's frustrating, we know. We hate it as much as you do!)
1) Brands will be a mix of Gildan, Jerzees, LAT, Core, and several others depending on stock at time of order. Functionality of the shirt remains the same regardless of brand, so don't worry! They all sub like a dream and feel like one, too!
2) Light Grey has 2 different shades. You will receive either "light grey" or "light grey 365" depending on stock at time of order. If you prefer one over the other, please note this in your order. This may take a bit longer if we have to wait for the shade to come back in stock. (Please refer to pictures in this listing to compare the different shades.) If you have ordered multiple light grey shirts, we will not mix the two shades without speaking to you first. Please note that it may take a bit longer for us to have all sizes you need in the same color. We promise we'll get what you need as quickly as we can!
3) Grey has been going in and out of stock frequently. When grey is in preorder status on our website, it may NOT be in stock with our suppliers. If this happens, we will reach out and see if you'd like to switch to another shade of grey or wait for yours to come back in stock. We try to stock up as much as possible when our suppliers have these, so we're hopeful this won't happen often. 
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