About KB's

KB's is located in the southern state of Georgia! You should feel great about every purchase you make, not only because you're getting amazing products, but because you're buying from a striving family business! 
KB's is here to help you grow your business by keeping crafting products in stock and at affordable prices! We want you to depend on us, so we work hard every day at bringing new items to your doorstep quickly and accurately!
We are honest, hardworking, down to earth and dependable people here at KB's. We are always looking for feedback from our amazing customers! Please don't hesitate to send us a message and let us know how your experience has been!
Though this website can be used to see and purchase our products, we also have a Facebook group that goes a bit more into detail on items, and even has a huge support system of what we call our "KB Pretties" (aka our buyers and supporters!) If KB's can't answer something for you, surely one of our amazing customers can! 
Above all else our motto here at KB's is: Be kind, receive kindness!


    KB's is a source for blanks, crafting supplies, vinyl, and many other great quality products! Please take the time to look over the entire site! Some items say PREORDER meaning these items are not in stock and could take a few weeks to arrive, so if you need your other items shipped prior please submit two orders. 

This company is built by you, our customers!

Any questions/comments please email: kbblanksservice@gmail.com


KB's is not liable for USPS/UPS errors. Also please note that different monitors/screens can show different resolution so KB's is not responsible for color discrepancies.